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25 Ways to Make Money on Maternity Leave

make money while on maternity leave

Welcoming a new addition to the family is a joyous occasion, but it often comes with financial challenges. Maternity leave is a crucial time for new parents to bond with their newborn and adjust to the demands of parenthood. However, it can also be a period of reduced income, as many countries provide limited or no paid leave. If you find yourself in this situation, the good news is that there are various ways to make money during your maternity leave. In this article, we will explore 25 effective strategies that can help you generate income while you’re on maternity leave.

Freelancing or Consulting

Unlock your potential and maximize your skills and expertise by offering freelance services or consulting in your field. Embrace opportunities in writing, graphic design, web development, marketing, or any other specialized skill that you possess. Seize the chance to showcase your talents and monetize your expertise during your maternity leave.

Online Surveys & Market Research

Seize the opportunity to earn extra cash by actively participating in online surveys and market research studies. Numerous companies highly value your consumer opinions and insights, and they are ready to compensate you for your valuable input.

Virtual Assisting

Offer virtual assistance services to busy professionals or small businesses. Immerse yourself in a diverse range of tasks during your maternity leave, including managing emails, scheduling appointments, handling social media accounts, or performing data entry. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your organizational and multitasking skills while effectively managing various responsibilities.

Sell Handmade Crafts

Unleash your passion for crafting and explore the exciting avenue of selling your unique creations on renowned platforms like Etsy. Delve into the world of online entrepreneurship and showcase your artistic talents to a global audience. Embrace the opportunity to turn your hobbies into a lucrative venture, connecting with customers who appreciate and value your handcrafted masterpieces. Handmade jewelry, clothing, artwork, or home decor items are popular choices.

Rent Out Baby Equipment

If you have baby equipment that you no longer need, such as strollers, cribs, or high chairs, consider renting them out to other parents in your community.

Babysitting or Childcare

Offer babysitting or childcare services to other parents in your neighborhood. You can do this in your own home or go to their homes, depending on your preferences.

Start a Blog or YouTube Channel

Embark on a captivating journey of self-expression by starting your own blog or YouTube channel, where you can share your unique experiences and valuable expertise. Engage and inspire your audience through captivating content that resonates with their interests. Embrace the power of storytelling as you captivate viewers or readers with your insights, advice, and entertaining narratives. Once you gain a following, you can monetize your content through advertisements, sponsored posts, or affiliate marketing.

Online Tutoring

Harness your expertise in a specific subject and unlock the opportunity to offer online tutoring services to eager students. Share your knowledge, ignite their curiosity, and guide them towards academic success. Platforms like or Wyzant can connect you with potential students.

Rent Out a Room on Airbnb

Maximize your earning potential by listing that extra room or space in your home on Airbnb and welcoming guests into your abode. Unleash the potential of your property as a lucrative source of income, especially if you reside in a sought-after tourist destination. Embrace the opportunity to provide a unique and memorable experience for travelers while enjoying the financial benefits of hosting.

Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

Tap into the growing demand for pet care services and lend a helping hand to pet owners in your local area. Embrace the opportunity to offer your dedicated services in pet sitting or dog walking. Cater to the needs of furry companions and provide reliable, trustworthy care. Set your rates accordingly, reflecting your expertise and the exceptional level of service you provide.

Write an E-book

Unleash your talent for writing by crafting an engaging e-book on a topic you possess in-depth knowledge about. Embrace the opportunity to share your expertise and insights with a wide audience. Dive into the world of self-publishing as you bring your e-book to life through platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Create & Sell Digital Products

Develop and sell digital products like e-courses, templates, stock photos, or graphic design elements. Expand your reach and connect with potential customers through online marketplaces like Gumroad or Creative Market.

Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you have a parking space that you don’t use regularly, consider renting it out to individuals in need of parking in your area. Simplify the process of renting out your parking space with the help of user-friendly websites such as JustPark or SpotHero.

Become a Social Media Manager

Leverage your exceptional social media skills to offer comprehensive management services to businesses or individuals seeking assistance with their online presence. Tap into your expertise and create impactful strategies that drive engagement, increase brand awareness, and foster meaningful connections with target audiences.

Offer Home Organization Services

If you have a knack for organizing and decluttering, offer home organization services. Discover the lucrative demand for your organizational skills as many individuals are eager to pay for assistance in creating functional and tidy living spaces.

Sell Stock Photos

If you enjoy photography, consider selling your images on stock photo websites such as Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. Unlock the potential for a passive income stream by sharing your captivating photos that can be downloaded by others. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your unique perspective and talent, as your images become sought after in various contexts.

Rent Out Your Clothes

If you have stylish clothes that you don’t wear frequently, consider renting them out through platforms like Rent the Runway or Style Lend.

Take on Gig Economy Jobs

Unleash your potential by exploring gig economy platforms like Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, or Instacart. Embrace the flexibility and freedom these platforms offer as you choose from a range of opportunities that align with your skills and interests. Whether it’s providing transportation services, offering handyman or delivery tasks, or becoming a personal shopper, there’s a gig waiting for you.

Become a Virtual English Tutor

Teach English to non-native speakers through online platforms like VIPKid or Cambly. Seize this excellent opportunity if you are a native English speaker. Embrace the chance to become a virtual English tutor and share your language skills with non-native speakers.

Offer Fitness Classes

If you have a passion for fitness, consider becoming a fitness instructor. You can offer classes in your community or conduct virtual sessions through platforms like Zoom.

Sell Homemade Food

If you love cooking, consider selling homemade food items such as baked goods, preserves, or specialty dishes. Check local regulations and licenses required for this type of business.

Provide Home Maintenance or Repair Services

If you’re skilled in home maintenance or repair tasks, offer your services to homeowners in your area. This can include basic plumbing, electrical work, painting, or carpentry.

Become a Virtual Bookkeeper

If you have a background in accounting or finance, offer virtual bookkeeping services to small businesses or entrepreneurs who need assistance with managing their finances.

Participate in Clinical Trials

Some medical research facilities conduct clinical trials and compensate participants for their time and contribution. Check for opportunities in your area.

Start a Home-Based Business

If you have a unique business idea, use your maternity leave as an opportunity to launch your own home-based business. Whether it’s creating and selling handmade products or providing specialized services, starting a business can be fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Make Money While on Maternity Leave

Maternity leave doesn’t have to be a period of financial strain. By exploring these 25 ways to make money during your maternity leave, you can not only generate income but also utilize your skills and passions. Choose the strategies that align with your interests and availability, and remember to strike a balance between earning money and enjoying the precious moments with your newborn. With determination, creativity, and a bit of effort, you can make the most of your maternity leave and create a more secure financial future for your growing family.

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