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List of Things You Can Rent Out For Extra Profit

things you can rent out for profit


 Renting out apartments and houses has become more accessible and creative with the advent of various apps and online platforms. Here are some additional ideas and ways to rent out properties:

  • Vacation Rental Platforms: Utilize platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, or HomeAway to rent out your property for short-term stays to travelers and tourists
  • Co-Living Spaces: With the rise of co-living trends, you can create shared living spaces by renting out individual rooms in your house or apartment. 
  • Sabbatical Rentals: Renting out your property to individuals or families looking for longer-term stays during their sabbaticals or extended vacations is another option.
  • Event Venues: If you have a spacious and unique property, consider renting it out as an event venue for parties, weddings, workshops, or corporate events.
  • Film and Photoshoot Locations: If your property has distinctive features or an appealing aesthetic, you can rent it out as a location for film shoots, commercials, or photoshoots. 
  • Pop-up Shops or Temporary Retail Spaces: Renting out your property to entrepreneurs or retailers in need of short-term spaces for pop-up shops or temporary retail experiences has gained popularity.
  • Parking Spaces: If you have unused parking spaces in prime locations, consider renting them out to individuals or commuters who need a convenient place to park their vehicles.
  • Storage Space: If you have extra storage space available, you can rent it out to individuals or businesses in need of temporary or long-term storage solutions.


In today’s era of remote work and increased flexibility, renting out cars or motorcycles has become a popular way to earn extra income. As more people work from home and rely less on daily commuting, many vehicles sit idle for long periods. By leveraging this opportunity, car owners can list their vehicles on platforms like Turo or Getaround, offering them for rent to individuals in need of temporary transportation. Not only does this help offset the costs of car ownership, but it also provides a convenient and cost-effective option for those who require a vehicle for specific occasions or short-term usage. 


Bicycles or Scooters

Renting out bikes or scooters has become increasingly popular, especially in urban areas where alternative modes of transportation are in high demand. With the rise of bike-sharing and scooter-sharing platforms, individuals can now monetize their bicycles or scooters when they’re not actively using them. By listing your two-wheeled assets on apps like Lime, Bird, or Spin, you can offer convenient and eco-friendly transportation options to commuters, tourists, or those simply looking to explore the city. 

Renting out bicycles or scooters not only helps generate extra income but also promotes sustainable mobility and reduces traffic congestion. It’s a win-win situation, enabling you to unlock the earning potential of your idle bikes or scooters while contributing to a greener and more efficient urban environment. So, if you have bicycles or scooters gathering dust, consider putting them to good use by making them available for rent through popular sharing platforms.


Construction equipment (e.g., cranes, excavators, bulldozers)

Yes, renting out construction equipment such as cranes, excavators, and bulldozers is a common practice in the construction industry. Many construction companies and individuals prefer to rent these heavy machinery and equipment instead of purchasing them outright, as it offers flexibility and cost savings.

If you own construction equipment that is not in use all the time, you can capitalize on this demand by renting it out to contractors, builders, or other individuals or businesses in need of such equipment. You can advertise your equipment through online platforms, industry-specific rental services, or by networking within the construction community. 

Small-time construction businesses involved in projects like house construction, pool installation, or clubhouse building often find it more practical and cost-effective to rent equipment rather than purchasing it outright. 

With limited budgets and specific project requirements, renting construction equipment allows these businesses to access the necessary tools without incurring the high upfront costs associated with ownership.

Contractor Tools

While there are numerous websites that facilitate renting contractor tools and machinery, you can tap into a unique opportunity by offering these rentals locally within your community. By doing so, you can cater to the specific needs of your neighbors, fellow contractors, or local businesses, fostering a sense of trust and convenience.

For smaller contracting projects, there are several tools available for rent that prove to be quite useful. Take, for instance, a mortar mixer, which is perfect for tasks like paving or concreting a small area. Instead of going all out and hiring a large concrete truck, opting for a mortar mixer can get the job done effectively. Additionally, these rental tools are generally compact, making transportation hassle-free. Simply load them onto the back of your truck or flatbed trailer, and you can easily transport them to your job site


Camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, camping stoves).

Renting out camping gear can be a worthwhile venture, especially if you live in an area frequented by outdoor enthusiasts or tourists. 

To kickstart your camping gear rental business, it’s crucial to prioritize high-quality equipment from trusted brands. Investing in durable, clean, and well-maintained gear will set the foundation for a successful rental experience. Camping gear endures frequent use and can be subjected to various outdoor conditions, so opting for heavy-duty equipment is a wise choice.

 Here is a list of common camping gear that people often rent:

  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Camping Stoves
  • Camp Chairs
  • Coolers
  • Lanterns or Headlamps
  • Backpacks
  • Campfire Cooking Equipment
  • Camping Mattresses or Pads
  • Outdoor Recreation Gear like binoculars, portable showers, hiking poles and hammock


Musical instruments

If you have musical instruments that you or your child previously loved but have outgrown, why not consider renting them out to budding musicians? Renting out your unused instruments is a terrific chance for people who wish to learn without making a large upfront investment. Many people want to learn to play an instrument but are apprehensive to invest in one without prior expertise. 

This not only provides an important service to the community, but it also allows you to use your underused instruments while earning some additional money. So, dust out those guitars, keyboards, or trumpets and give people the opportunity to begin their musical adventure without having to make an initial commitment.


Parking Space

Living in a prime location with an underutilized parking space can present a lucrative opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side. With the advent of various apps designed for this purpose, like SpotHero and PARQEX (US only), you can easily capitalize on your unused parking space. 

You may connect with cars looking for a suitable parking location by offering your parking spot on these sites. Your spare parking space might become a sought-after item if you live near a bustling city center, a major tourist destination, or a busy commercial district. These applications simplify the process by letting you set your own fees, select availability periods, and easily manage bookings. 

Not only does this enable you to maximize the value of your unused space, but it also helps alleviate parking challenges for individuals seeking convenient parking solutions.


Party supplies (tables, chairs, decorations)

Renting party supplies such as tables, chairs, and decorations can be in high demand, especially within your local community or town. Many people often find that renting from larger companies can come with hefty price tags, making it an expensive option for hosting events or parties. 

This is where offering affordable party supplies rentals in your community can become a valuable and sought-after service. By providing a local rental service, you can cater to the needs of individuals and event organizers who are looking for cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. 

Understanding the particular demands of your local community and adapting your rental options appropriately will allow you to carve yourself into a specialized market and build a profitable business while assisting others in creating unforgettable festivities on a budget.


Home appliances (e.g., washing machines, refrigerators)

You might wonder why anyone would consider renting home appliances, but the truth is that there are several compelling reasons to do so. People opt to rent appliances for various circumstances. For instance, when a crucial appliance unexpectedly breaks down and they are not financially prepared to replace it, renting provides a temporary solution. 

Additionally, renting allows individuals to experience the latest technologies, such as Smart TVs, without the immediate burden of purchasing one outright. This type of rental service is also particularly appealing to those who frequently move from city to city, as it offers flexibility and peace of mind. By renting home appliances, you can effortlessly relocate without the added stress of selling or transporting bulky items.


Wedding dresses and formal attire

Renting out wedding dresses or formal attires has the potential to blossom into a successful small business venture with a bit of resourcefulness. Many individuals choose to sell their wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and other formal attires at a fraction of their original cost. By seizing these opportunities, you can acquire a diverse collection of beautiful garments at affordable prices and transform them into rental assets. 

It provides a budget-friendly option for individuals attending weddings or formal events. With careful curation and effective marketing, your rental service can become a go-to destination for those seeking elegant and affordable outfits. By tapping into the market of second-hand formal wear, you can turn your passion for fashion into a thriving business


Sports equipment (e.g., golf clubs, surfboards, ski gear)

Sports equipment rentals are not only sought after by individuals who want to try a sport without committing to purchasing the equipment, but also by those who simply cannot afford to buy expensive items such as surfboards, ski gear, or football equipment. These specialized sports require specific gear that can come with a hefty price tag, making it inaccessible for many. Renting sports equipment offers a cost-effective solution, allowing individuals to enjoy their favorite sports without the financial burden of ownership. 

By offering a range of sports equipment for rent, you can cater to the needs of beginners, enthusiasts, and those looking for a temporary solution. Renting sports equipment allows individuals to explore various activities, try different gear, and determine their level of interest and commitment before making a more substantial investment. 


Costumes for parties or events

Building a diverse collection of costumes, whether by sourcing them or creating unique pieces from scrap garments, opens up a thrilling opportunity to establish yourself as the go-to shop for costumes in your town. With the advent of online platforms and social media, you can create a successful costume rental business without the need for a physical shop. 

The key lies in curating an array of captivating and high-quality costumes that cater to various themes, events, and sizes. From historical ensembles to whimsical fantasy outfits, the possibilities are endless. 

You may attract consumers from near and far who are looking for the appropriate costume for parties, celebrations, or special occasions by exhibiting your collection online through appealing photographs and interesting descriptions. To guarantee a smooth rental experience, emphasize simplicity and outstanding customer service, from simple online bookings to quick delivery or pickup choices. 


Photography/videography equipment

Photography and videography equipment holds great appeal for individuals seeking high-quality photos and videos, even for simpler events. While it’s true that smartphones now come equipped with decent cameras, there is still a demand for the exceptional image and video quality produced by high-powered cameras and video equipment. 

This is especially true for capturing special occasions where professional-grade equipment can make all the difference. Moreover, it’s not just limited to events – travelers also seek reliable and high-quality cameras to document their journeys. By offering camera rentals, you can cater to both event-goers and adventurous travelers, allowing them to capture their experiences with stunning clarity and detail. 


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